STD Status App Development

A modern sexual health app that helps normalize STD testing and share verified STD results


Nowadays, online dating apps are increasing in popularity significantly. Of course, it may be the consequence of the global coronavirus pandemic and relevant lockdowns. But the truth is that attention to sexual health has never been so high.

Our client decided to build a sex health care app that provides users with an opportunity to take at-home STD (sexually transmitted diseases) tests and share the relevant verified STD status with those who they consider potential sex partners. Thus, the product eliminates the need for users to visit testing centers or a local pharmacy. Besides, the client’s team consists of sexual health experts with the appropriate knowledge, which allows for constantly improving and refining user experiences.

No doubt, sexual health is a critical part of people’s lives that is also associated with other health aspects, including physical, mental, emotional, and social ones. Therefore, a proper attitude towards it means that people are well informed about enjoying themselves and ensuring effective STD prevention. Besides, it means that they respect their sexual partners and feel the convenience when setting particular healthy boundaries regarding safe sex.

With a home STD test, users get valuable answers they require to have a healthy sex life and avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Ultimately, the app was developed to promote open conversation and sexual life habits and encourage safe sex among more and more people.


Exoft software development team worked incredibly hard on that public health application. That is because guaranteeing the users’ safety and security and placing a high value on their personal data and privacy were the biggest challenges to overcome during the project. Our engineers must have adhered to the strict standards regarding data storage, including ISO 13485:2016 and IEC 62304. Such an approach allows app users to get a piece of mind when they want to conduct STD testing and share relevant test results.

Also, since a STD test kit arrives directly to customers’ doors in discreet packaging and is completely anonymous, we should have provided a possibility to assign it to them through the particular STD app after activation.


The app Exoft built is free to download. After doing that and creating profiles, users can receive invitations to check someone’s STD rates and know the status of his or her test: positive or negative. So they can decide whether to take their relationships further.

But how can users share their test results?

  • Firstly, they should order the specific STD test kit, along with downloading the app and signing in to activate the kit.
  • After that, they get the kit containing everything necessary for collecting a urine sample and blood sample. Then, they must return these samples via a specific envelope provided.
  • During 2-4 days, users receive their results via the app. They can import them in the application and share the available STD-verified status with selected people.

In addition, our sex health app solution has the following crucial features:

  • Security and privacy.
    Users’ test results cannot be displayed on anyone’s smartphone other than their own. That allows for privately verifying STD results and validating a sexual health status with chosen potential partners.
  • HIPAA compliance.
    Exoft created a fully HIPAA-compliant app utilizing the same advanced tech solutions and security approaches as multiple key healthcare companies do.
  • Insurance integration.
    Our STD testing app makes it possible for users to integrate their health insurance and use it when opting for the client’s services if needed.
  • Online payments.
    By integrating payment gateways, we enabled app users to pay online for the discussed sex health services, which is extremely convenient.

Scope of work

Exoft was chosen by the customer because of our experience and expertise in sexual health software development. When working on such a socially important health care product and proving our engineering services, our scope of work included:

Our services


std status app


Our skilled health care software developers built a top-notch STD tester app that enables users to share their sex health status after they get tested and receive results. Customers can download this STD status app from both Apple Store and Google Play.

Ultimately, with our STD test application, users get an opportunity to:

  • Share their STD test results with potential sexual partners.
    Together with our client, we believe that intimacy should start with honesty. Thus, we developed an app that promotes open, honest conversations regarding people’s sexual health and aims to make sharing users’ STD status something normal.

    After taking home STD tests, they will get results privately via the app. It also verifies a sexual health status using a specific “play badge.” And users can decide when and with whom they will share such information. At the same time, they can also receive the same type of data from their potential partners before having safe sex.
  • Get tips, education, and professional advice.
    Our app provides access to different product reviews, tips, expert articles, and other sex education content pieces. Users can enjoy the available video and podcast library containing series from educators, sex therapists, and brand ambassadors and analyze various audience insights.

    Since aftercare and sexual health guidance are essential, our client has a team of trusted medical experts offering support for users who have received their results. It means that the latter can speak to a particular nurse and discuss the obtained results in detail. That is crucial if they want to know more about helpful prescriptions or treatment options.
  • Perform home STD testing quickly, easily, and securely.
    The client provides users with an accredited medical device and cooperates with the best partners supplying home STD testing kits, along with treatment, medical advice, and audience insights. After all, our STD status app is under strict quality control and complies with the strictest professional standards related to data storage and security.

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