Full-Cycle Product Development

Our team provides high-quality full-cycle product development services. We build end-to-end web, desktop, and mobile app development solutions for businesses of any size to speed up their growth and improve organizational effectiveness

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Full-cycle product development across industries

Exoft, as one of the leading software product development companies in Eastern Europe, has already delivered dozens of successful projects for businesses representing different types and industries, mainly healthcare and logistics. Learn more about these projects in our portfolio

Product development services

Quality custom software meets the company’s business needs and facilitates its growth. Our highly skilled development team, consisting of programmers, quality assurance specialists, business analysts, and project managers can build stable, scalable, and high-performing solutions that will drive your business forward


Web development

Achieving business goals is easier and more effective with a custom web solution. Our full-cycle product development company can build a reliable web app that will function seamlessly. Also, it will contain all the required product features and provide a delightful user experience


Desktop development

Desktop apps help to manage a variety of operations and allow for better control over the data. Our development teams can create a workable custom software solution that will operate flawlessly and bring real value to your business.


APIs integration

No system will generate remarkable results if it runs in isolation. By integrating APIs of different products, we can make separate pieces of your IT infrastructure work well together without compromising on security.


Database integration

Database integration simplifies the exchange of enterprise-wide information and ensures its accuracy. Our software development company can combine and centralize data from different sources to enable its accessibility across a number of software products.


Delivery management

Our team can not only create a decent custom software solution but also take care of its development process. To make sure that we are moving in the right direction, we will be regularly getting in touch with you and, of course, you will have an opportunity to check project progress at any time.

Reasons to choose full-cycle software development services

With full-cycle product development, your company can get many advantages:

Customized Product

Since the modern market is full of different already-made solutions, your customized product will be considered something unique and exciting. After all, ready-made applications are often limited in functionality and cannot satisfy users’ custom needs. On the other hand, full-cycle product development brings significant flexibility to add extra features you require and ensures proper product scaling

Minimal costs

With full-cycle app development, you can minimize costs significantly. Expenses are limited because only one software development vendor is responsible for doing tasks. That also eliminates the risk of potential conflicts between different teams involved

Long-term support

Staying competitive among other successful rivals requires constantly updating your product. Fortunately, full-cycle product development provides you with long-term support and tech maintenance guaranteed by your partner. An appropriate development team can address various on-call emergencies, fix bugs immediately, and introduce changes if needed

Our full-cycle software development process

Building a new product requires a unique approach. Yet, several stages are common for most full-cycle software development projects

Step 1

Initiation and Discovery

At this stage, we will establish the foundation for further cooperation, dive deeper into the concept of your custom software solution, and build a product design. This phase includes:
  • Identification of your needs and expectations
  • Estimation of time and budget
  • Defining your priorities and specific requirements
  • UX/UI designing
  • Team allocation
Step 2

Development & QA

This is the core phase of the whole process when your idea actually becomes a real product. In particular, it includes:
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Project reporting
  • Request modification
  • Testing and bug fixing
Step 3

Delivery and release

The delivery stage is the final phase of full-cycle software development services when our team presents the actual solution to a client. It covers:
  • Setup of the environment
  • Code/database migration
  • Final check of the performance
  • Transfer of documentation
Step 4

Post-release support

As a reliable full-cycle product development service provider, Exoft can ensure that your custom software stays working and relevant by offering necessary tech maintenance after its release. The post-release support is a stage of a product life cycle that includes:
  • Monitoring of the performance
  • Server maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Updates & upgrades

Why choose Exoft

Although you may regard full-cycle product development as a risky process,
Exoft can ensure successful project delivery and a perfect product-market fit

Full responsibility

Our company is fully responsible for the entire product development, from defining project scope to post-release support. All you need is to explain your ideas and expectations. At the same time, we encourage your early feedback and can provide you with a minimum viable product (MVP) to meet your needs completely

Professional team

We create a team, including software engineers, quality assurance professionals, designers, business analysts, etc., to satisfy all your specific project requirements (e.g. technical requirements). Thus, there is no need for your organization to hire and train new experts for each development stage

High quality approach

Exoft builds top-notch software solutions at a fair cost. When partnering with us, you will always obtain the most effective approaches to bringing your ideas to life

Our technology stack

When building a full-cycle product development solution, our development company uses the following technologies:






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What our clients say

Learn what customers say about the cooperation with our custom software development company and the results we have delivered

Frequently asked questions


How to start full-cycle product development with Exoft?

First of all, you should write to us and describe your product idea via email. Then, one of our experts will contact you for further discussion of the crucial insights regarding your product development. If such a discussion has positive outcomes, we start planning the development process and building a minimum viable product


Does Exoft offer product development services for my current software?

Exoft can undoubtedly assist you with your already existing tools. From upgrading and adding new features to UX/UI design to further improvements, our development team can do everything for customers.


Can Exoft guarantee my complete product ownership?

Sure. Before starting the development process, we always sign NDA with our clients to secure their data. And after product delivery, we also provide the complete source code.

Case studies

When it comes to creating custom software products from scratch, experience matters a lot. Explore our portfolio to view some of the software development life-cycle projects we have successfully completed!

Health Metrics

On the design side of things and in general, their coding ability is very high

The client's CEO

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Logistics Web and Mobile Software

They were excellent at adjusting their resources to fit our needs

CTO at the client's company

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WellsUp Oil and Gas Software

Throughout the relationship, Exoft has been an extremely supportive partner. In addition to communicating in a timely manner, the team is proactive and reactive, quickly addressing any issues that arise. Their ability to work with out-of-the-box ideas sets them apart from other vendors

Sami Suheil, COO at WellsUp

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We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

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