7 Advantages of Developing User Personas Prior to App Development

App development is a long and demanding process in which everything needs to be perfectly planned in order to make it successful. The UX/UI, coding language, back-end, database, as well as user persona needs to be ascertained before the actual process begins. In this blog, we will closely examine why creating a User Persona prior […]

What Can You Do with Java: what is it used for?

Java is considered a flexible programming language, but at the same time, it appears incredibly object-oriented, imperative, and robust. That allows Java to remain among the most popular and widely used within the developer community. Besides, the Java programming language can be applied for multiple purposes, which means that it continues to keep strong. Below, […]

.NET vs Node.js: What to Choose

Nowadays, web development is an ever-changing process, which promotes the appearance of multiple new trends, frames, programming languages, and tools each year. Among the most popular technologies for agile software development are net core and node.js. During recent years, the community of front-end and back-end developers have had discussions about these two server-side developing technologies. […]

The Difference between UI and UX: UI vs. UX Design – Exoft

In web design, ux and ui designs are among the most confused and conflated terms. Both ui/ux are always used together as ui/ux design and are considered like they tend to describe the same thing. At the same time, it is often difficult to find appropriate descriptions of the particular terms using simple language with […]

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